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Premier Flex Saddle with Leather-Flex Tree

Premier-flex Saddle with leather flex treeThe PREMIER FLEX saddle has a KUDA LEATHER-FLEX TREE, the pommel and cantle made of wood covered with rawhide. The seat is leather and foam padding, but still is flexible and conforms to the back of the horse.

Comfortable, deep seat, no rigid frame, bucking rolls, strong enough for a daily trainig use, soft and durable premium leather and stainless steel hardware.

The flexibility of the LEATHER-FLEX TREE SADDLES minimises the interference with horse's natural gait and allow the horse turn and flex with natural movement and freedom. It puts the rider in very close contact with the horse and makes it easier for the rider to stay in balance with the horse's movements.

The 100% wool felting on the underside is cut away over spine area and will not compress with usage. This lifts the rider clear of the spine, the rider's weight is placed on the muscles on either side of the spine, and distributed evenly along the back.

  • Available sizes: 14.5 to 17 inches.
  • Colour: Brown or Black
  • Materials: Smooth leather, suede, suede patch, stitchdown seat.
  • Gullet: Narrow, medium or wide: Narrow is suitable for Paso Finos, Medium for Icelandics and wide for larger breeds.

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