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Paso Fino Tack UK is a UK and European agent for "THE KUDA LEATHER-FLEX TREE SADDLES" for gaited and sport horses. This exclusive design was developed after many years of research to find the most suitable saddle for gaited and sport horses, one that allows the best communication between horse and rider.

Leather-Flex Tree Saddles

Premier Flex Saddle with Leather-Flex tree

Premier Flex saddle with Leather-flex tree

Premier Flex 2 Saddle with Leather-Flex tree

Premier Flex 2 saddle with Leather-flex tree

Endurance Saddle - Leather-Flex tree

Endurance leather-flex saddle

  • KUDA LEATHER-FLEX TREE SADDLES are designed to offer the same level of support, security and good balance as a conventional treed saddle, while being the most ergonomic for the rider.
  • The KUDA LEATHER-FLEX TREE SADDLE has a shaped and rigid front arch to accommodate to the horse’s withers and neck conformation.
  • No more sore-backed horses! The 100% wool felting on the saddle’s underside is cut away from the spine area and does not compress with usage. This leaves the horse’s spine free of any pressure, assuring no risk of bruising.
  • The KUDA LEATHER-FLEX TREE SADDLES seat on the muscles on both sides of the horse’s spine, distributing the saddle’s and rider’s weights evenly along the horse’s back.
  • Because there is no rigid structure in the saddle (tree), the horse responds quicker to the rider’s seat commands.
  • The KUDA LEATHER-FLEX TREE SADDLES offer more comfort for the rider.  The soft, flexible seat of the saddle allows the rider to spend extended periods of riding without seat bone ache.
  • The flexible tree gives more freedom to the horse’s spine and shoulders, allowing the horse to turn and flex more naturally and producing more expression of his movements.
  • KUDA LEATHER-FLEX TREE SADDLES are designed to fit a variety of horse breeds. In order to fit the different sizes of horses, the saddles are built in three gullet width sizes: narrow, medium, or wide. To serve the different equestrian disciplines, the KUDA SADDLES are designed in a variety of styles: English, Trail-riding, Western, and Endurance.

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LeatherFlex saddles

Saddles: flexible trees

Trainers Saddle with Flexible tree

Trainer saddle with flexible tree

Trail & Training Saddle with Flexible Tree

Trail and Training Saddle

Master Flex - New Design

Master Flex saddle




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