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Our Saddle Pad range by Kuda consists of both Correction and Cushion pads. All are built to provide outstanding back protection and shock absorbency. Each saddle pads in the range are made from a hi-tech foam, laminated felt and wear leather.

All Kuda Saddle Pads are made with a special closed-cell foam originally designed for the aerospace industryto provide excellent weight distribution and shock absorbency. This foam does notcollapse or absorb moisture and bacteria as open cell foam pads can, nor will it retain heat and add unnecessary weight the way liquid gel pads do.

With a choice of shape and thickness there is a Kuda saddle Pad to match your saddle and your horse.

Saddle Pads

Correction Saddle Pad
Thickness - 1"

Correction Pad

Endurance Correction Pad
Thickness - 1"

Endurance Saddle Pad

Endurance Correction Pad
Thickness - 3/4"

Endurance Saddle Pad

Endurance Cushion Pad
Thickness -1"

Endurance Cushion Pad



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